Salades & Co

Burrata salad (Burrata originates from Puglia)
€ 19,00

Salad with goat cheese (Veggie!)
€ 20,00

Salad with prawns and mango
€ 20,00

Salad with linguine and smoked chicken
€ 20,00

Risotto wild mushrooms - wild rocket - Parmesan (Veggie!)
€ 23,00

Smokey Veggie Burger (Veggie!)
€ 22,00

Main courses - Meat

Burger of the chef (West Flemish red beef)
Eggplant salad-tomato-crunchy bacon-mayonnaise from the chef € 23

'Genste stoverij' (Pork cheeks from Duroc D olive)
French fries-salad-mayonnaise € 24

Rib eye AAA
Tomato - potatoes with bacon skewer or Bearnaise sauce € 34
Aberdeen Angus, or Angus for short, is a breed of cattle bred in the east of Scotland in the 19th century.

Holstein AAA Ribeye 300 grams butter aged 35 days
Bacon and pointed cabbage € 38
In butter-aging, the meat is immersed by hand in a special bath of melted butter before the aging process. This process is repeated several times to create a nice, firm skin around the meat.

Rubia Gallega cote a los 1.1 kg dry aged 35 days
Baked potatoes with seasonal vegetables € 55/pp
Just like the sirloin steak, the côte à l'os comes from the back of a cow. The main difference is that the côte à l'os has a piece of rib attached to it, which gives it extra flavour during cooking. Moreover, the côte à l'os is veined with fat so that this piece of meat is nice and juicy.

Rubia Gallega Contre filet 300 grams dry aged 35 days
Spanish sweet pepper/ bacon potatoes € 43
The thin loin. On the piece it is called contra filet because it is opposite the hare (filet) in the back.

Rubia Gallega:
The beef has a natural and free way of life in the mountainous landscape of Galicia. This translates fully into the spectacular flavor of this meat. Spicy, slightly salty in flavor with a hint of marrow and butter.

Holstein AAA:
With their origins in Poland, these magnificent cattle may call themselves "nature beef" without hesitation.
The healthy grasses, vast meadows and pure air ensure that these cattle live a wonderful life.
"AAA" stands for the strictest selection for beautiful intramuscular fat.
This is the piece of beef for the true connoisseur.

Main courses - Fish

Grilled wild redfish fillet
Redfish is a very accessible whitefish: not too fishy and mild in flavor.
€ 33

Grilled Giant Gambas with garlic and tomato, wild rice
€ 35

Scampi (10 pieces) in ginger / coconut milk / fries

King Crab 300 grams / tomato / garlic / rice
The flesh of the red king crab has a delicious sweet taste and is found in the legs of the crab
€ 65

All our grilled dishes are prepared with care in our Pira charcoal oven.
A unique combination between the taste of a BBQ & the juiciness of an oven!